07 February 2007

Lonely at the top?

A good friend of mine always says we're not alone, even when we feel like it. I guess that seems to relate to the recent interviews Ruth Bader Ginsburg has given, saying she misses Sandra Day O'Connor. I don't like being the only woman in the room, either.


Blogger Serendipity said...

Great site!!! I cant believe this article. Havent we been "fighting the good fight" as it were, to gain higher positions of authority? I agree with the author where he says

"Wait just a minute here. The most powerful woman on the federal bench is lonely, and her retired colleague is sticking around at the court because it's better than being alone? Since when do the most empowered women in America see themselves as a Patsy Cline song?"

What a great question. So its lonely at the top. Invite some friends over!

2:26 AM  
Anonymous April said...

I just wrote an entry on feeling lonely as a feminist in Houston Texas. I found this site while I was searching for bloggers who felt similar. Thanks for the link from Slate -- it was a good one.

8:38 PM  

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