01 November 2006

Social Potlucks

Relationship metaphors from B and Hilaroar 2.0.

Social Potlucks

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Anonymous jen said...

oops.. i often bring chips and salsa to actual potlucks:)

I think the challenge is that for centuries women and men have been accustomed to the Martha Stewart version of "cooking". Younger generations are reinventing this and none of us know what the new "meal" looks like.

I think "the men" are learning to cook too. They just haven't has as much practice.

9:49 AM  
Anonymous an existent man said...

The best guacamole is not so pulverized that you can't distinguish the ingredients; you should be able to see chunks of avocado. But that doesn't mean that you're going to only taste the ingredients you can see, because there's always a varying amount of lime juice, and sometimes even spices that you didn't realize could be included in guac., because some people are fucking crazy and just throw silly amounts of cumin and coriander in there willy-nilly without even tasting as they go along.

And of course, the most important aspect of guacamole isn't the ingredients, but care taken in its preparation.

5:01 AM  
Blogger I talk too much said...


I'm not sure the metaphor goes that deep... although I can appreciate the exploration. I think there is serious danger in following a metaphor too far, because it can lead to places that seriously skew the view of the real thing. No metaphor is perfect. They all fall apart at one point or another.

I think the problem with this one comes in when one starts to judge what others have brought to the table. What if they bring Salsa and Chips that they made from scratch? What if someone really thinks that what most potlucks lack is a good appetizer for before the main courses? What if it is a sincere attempt to do the right thing? Are we to ignore that person forever more? OR should we maybe say something to them about it, and see what happens next time?

What if they can't cook for crap and what they really want is to just bring something so that they can get into the party and provide some non-food sustainance, eg comedy, music, good stories... Is a potluck only about the food? I don't think so. We all have our strengths, and if one is willing to go so far as to relate food at a potluck to whatever else we have as people to bring to the social table, then one must acknowledge that not every social offer may arrive in the form we're expecting. If I bring store-bought chips, but also entertain the party with my guitar, have I offered less of myself than someone who makes a mean bean dip but then just sits there eating it on her own as a wallflower? And besides, if one brings guacamole, then it stands to reason that one is expecting someone else to bring the chips. What a perfect match that *should* be.... nevermind judging the "monetary value" of the offered item... what a materialistic view of life! I could go on and on.

I agree with the basic premise that in social situations, we all bring something to the table. I don't agree that we should be judged on that. As you said, the vegetarian shouldn't expect everyone else to only bring vegetarian dishes. Bring what you're good at making/doing. You then go completely back on that and judge what everyone brings. How frustrating is that? And it seems that you've found a circle of friends who will agree with you. I hope you have a friend that you listen to that will challenge you, get you to look a little deeper into real life rather than overanalyzing a metaphor.

6:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

shit man, you and hillary are too cute. i'd love to be at that potluck. i would not bring chips but I WOULD bring something vegetarian, if that's who was coming-- everyone deserves full options! you sure found the best way to while away driving time...

btw, he who talks too much, talks too much. life is challenging enough, man! you don't need your peeps getting you down, too.

9:10 PM  

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