04 September 2006

We have some problems. But we have some hope.

Women too often claim issues as our own, so the title is not meant to imply the usual self-deprecation and punishment we dole out upon ourselves and others. Instead, it refers to some things that have been going on the past few weeks that we need to address and the optimism I'm nevertheless feeling. Luckily, many people are feeling it too.

I used to have an argument (the same one, repeatedly) with a former partner about whether or not we must take action against social problems. He believed that by not hurting our world, you were making a difference. I raged, regularly, that ignoring issues created a permissive, sick culture full of apathetic citizens for whom there is no accountability. I also don't buy the "I don't do anything harmful" argument. Not a single thing? Please.

So, after a few weeks of fun (more like a whole summer of non-stop partying - which mind you, includes hot and safe activism & alliance-building), I'm back for a while. Justice doesn't sleep, so why should I? I certainly haven't been doing much of that in my real life anyway. The emails and comments and overall support for my break and frustration was lovely and tremendous and makes me feel stronger about a lot of things. Thank you to everyone who understands the need for private space and personal distance. I've been doing a lot of practical living, research, and pretty much have amazing conversations at least once a day with allies, co-workers, and friends about important issues; why not have a few here as well?

While I'm catching up, here are a few things to pass along -


New evidence revealed in the Duke rape case

People have a commitment to stand behind survivors. Of course, whether they do that or not is an entirely different matter. But instead of arguing about who said what or whether she has a motive to lie, I'm going to offer a couple of online resources I have found helpful in my journey. There are some remarkable women who do fight back, even when people don't believe them, and they inspire far more of us than they could know. Most of these resources are listed on the sidebar, but I'm dealing specifically with a couple of them right now. As I spent some time on their sites again, I realized the power of acceptance and healing. It sort of caused my own loss for words, so I encourage you to read their work when you are ready to do so. Much of it is both painful and encouraging, and all of it is real and important. Take care of yourselves as you need to when reading.

Femivist: Surviving Sexual Assault

Angela Shelton's Survivor Manual

Survivors Can Thrive

Other articles of some note:

Gloria Steinem in the NY Times Magazine yesterday

Also yesterday from the same place, an article about the state of women in film

An though a few days old, one of the first major pieces about the FDA's approval for Plan B OTC. Sweet.

And finally, Manliness:

Harvey Mansfield's new book is about as appalling and strange as anything I've seen lately. His commentary about women is even more shocking (or is it?). HollaBackTALK will be analyzing his latest interviews and the book in depth for Wednesday, so stay tuned for that.

PS - Great marketing, jerk. Mansfield isn't even his real name.


Anonymous jen said...

hehehe. "justice doesn't sleep so why should I?"... your funny.

welcome back.

5:28 PM  
Blogger Marj aka Thriver said...

Glad you're back. Thanks for the link and for stopping by with your kind, supportive words during my dark time. I appreciate that a lot.

5:35 PM  

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