19 July 2006

Bush touches German chancellor

Um, what part of personal space does Dubya not understand? At the G8 summit (and as one more unfortunate but somewhat unsurprising parts of his disasterous trip), Bush came up behind a shocked Chancellor Angela Merkel and gave her a backrub. Does she look happy?

Crooks and Liars has the video
Alternet has some great commentary.

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Blogger Phil Chapter said...

This exposed situation isn't realy up to Mr President.
Who do have internal access to german politics, does know that Angela Merkel represents no Feminists.
Maybe "W" is a sort of cumbersome in USA, but "Angela" is the same one for the representation of feminists in Germany.
In this case the GENDER of chahncelor isn't explanation for her emotional bewilderment.

4:58 AM  
Blogger Mary Beth said...

Wow, this is fucked up!

6:43 PM  
Blogger Killer B said...

Hi Phill,

I don't claim that Merkel is a feminist, so I don't really understand your comment. What I am stating is that as a woman, she is subject to the type of historical condescention shown here, by men, against women. Yes, it does have to do with gender. Men often believe they have a right to women's space and women's bodies due to the patriarchal world in which we live, where women are not valued equally. I'll be happy to elaborate further and point you to some texts that you might find helpful in learning more about this.


6:56 PM  
Blogger Phil Chapter said...

Hi B,

I agree with issue regarding patriarchate.
Indeed, to be no feminist on the part of Mrs Merkel doesn’t invalid mentioned subject.
As Mr Bush is no example for every men, either is Mrs Merkel no good representative example for women.
Pictures are powerful and if “Bush-Merkel-Encounter” photo would be taken for the field of battle of sexes, it would deal no fairly neither this problem, nor both heads of state.
I see here rather wobbliness of Chancellor as human being, than discrimination of women by G8.
G8 has many other problematic attitudes to lose. First of all Russia is to be excluded because of abusing of human rights.
Please, believe me, unfortunately is Mrs Merkel personally the same cumbersome representative example for women in Germany, as Mr Bush in USA.
I mind, Mrs Merkel was a to candidate for elections 2005 as an ALIBI representative for gender: W and for regional origin: EAST Germany, in order to beat political rivals.
Generally I agree with you an I’m awfully sorry, that even in top politics no real chances for real modern feminists.

Best regards

6:05 AM  

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