07 June 2006

But ladies, don't you know anger isn't becoming...

Anger isn't becoming what?

Women aren't supposed to get mad. But guess what? Many are, and rightfully so. I just read a fantastic post by Den of the Biting Beaver that hits the patriarchal nail on the head. BB and Dubhe point out that men don't stand up against sexism often enough yet get angry with women who generalize men. But why wouldn't you generalize if men don't set themselves apart?
If you're not going to take action to make sure we know you're different from the rapists and the rape apologists or even from those three men in that alley with that knife, I don't want to fucking hear how horrible and nasty and mean I am for saying "men" instead of "some men but certainly no man reading this post". I don't want to hear a fucking word about how disgustingly, pitifully bitter I am for not trusting you soon enough, which for you is "just before I come into her line of sight, because I'm a man and she owes me that trust".

If you're not out there trying to fucking FIX this culture, where a $14/hr attourney could just stand up and say "Ladies and gentlemen of the juries, she wanted to be fucked that night by those men in that alley with that knife. I mean, she's a woman, isn't she? Defense rests!" and make the jury go "Oh, hmm, yes, reasonable doubt, reasonable doubt, very reasonable, not guilty", then you can fuck off. I don't trust you, I won't ever trust you until you do. And no woman should be expected to. No woman should have to. Because we have no way to know you're not like them.
Go read the whole post here.


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