08 May 2006

Jacob Zuma cleared of rape charges

Former South African Deputy President Jacob Zuma was cleared of rape charges only minutes ago. Mr. Zuma was charged with assaulting an HIV-positive female family friend, who the judge claimed "was inclined to accuse men of raping her or attempting to rape her."

This case is a blow to women's rights in South Africa, as well as the campaign to end the spread of HIV/AIDS. Mr. Zuma has publicly said he showered after sex and believed it would be difficult for a healthy man to contract the virus from a woman.

Read the BBC report.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not guilty, OK. The court ruled.
The showering thing?
True evidence of being a moron.

10:10 AM  
Blogger Carl Weaver said...

Not guilty, not OK. I don't know all the information of this case, but I am willing to believe the complainant a little more than this guy, at least on face value. If this guy thought he could simply shower to avoid AIDS, who knows what he thought rape really is. If his backup is the that she provoked it by the way she dressed, the guy should be strung up and hung out to dry.

Even if she had falsely accused other men of raping her, that is not evidence that this time was false as well. Again, I don't know the facts involved or whether she really had made false accusations previously or whether this was made up to discredit her. But it's not evidence of anything, even if true.

2:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So the dude is not guilty, yeah, sure.
Because of her history nobody can be found guilty of raping her?? LOL.
What a complete joke the whole thing is.
Rape her, shout "History!!!" and go off free.
Oh sorry. Shower before shouting history.
In a country plagued by AIDS the former deputy president stuffs the rubber and takes a shower.
The chickens shout "Wolf, wolf!", the dog comes running to their rescue and the chickens laugh.
The chickens shout again "Wolf, wolf!" and the dog comes running to their rescue to find them laughing.
The wolf comes at night, hungry, growling.
The chickens shout "Wolf, wolf!" the dogs turns over and continues sleeping. Next morning all the chickens are dead.
Same with the girl. History is not evidence that this time was false alarm as well.

4:36 PM  
Blogger David Wilson said...

moron? the guy is waaaay different than you, but i don't think he got to be where he was by being mentally incompetent, stupid about AIDS? yeah, ignorant? yeah, but not a moron, you think you could outsmart him?

if you don't "know all the information" and you are willing to believe her, then you are a bigot, that's what prejudice is - making up your mind based on something you don't know about, QED

what is character but the evidence of personality over time? the nursery story of the little boy who cried wolf is unforgettable and has been around for a long time - why do you think that is? apparently you think the moral is that it is ok to cry wolf and not bear the consequences? give your head a shake

he is definitely wrong about AIDS, and he was (or possibly still is) the head of the South African AIDS Council - now THERE is something to wonder about eh? where was the council's money coming from I wonder? tax money i guess, was that money squandered? duh ...

9:24 AM  
Blogger Carl Weaver said...

Wilson makes a good point. I am willing to believe her at face value or at least take her seriously because of the seriousness of her accusation. Does believing this type of thought make me a bigot?

Wilson - you know that her previous accusations were indeed false? Sounds like someone is bigoted here - prejudiced against women who make such accusations.

6:29 PM  

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